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I’m Going To Antarctica!

Since I was 10 years old, it has been my dream to travel to every country and continent before I die. Yes, I was a very ambitious 10-year-old and I am still an ever so ambitious 23-year-old. Now, I am nowhere close to exploring every country (48 out of 197), but this year I made the most ambitious (and most expensive) travel decision I have ever made in my life.


I'm Going to Antarctica

Let me back up a moment and tell you how I came to this decision.

This time last year (October-December 2018), I embarked on my first ever big solo international backpacking adventure. 2 months exploring Southeast Asia and Oceania. I had just celebrated my 22nd birthday in Hawaii and was on my way to Asia (2nd time) and Oceania (1st time) that it hit me.

I was going to visit my 6th continent and at the age of 22!

This was a dream come true and an epic accomplishment in my book. I knew when I planned out my skeleton itinerary that I would be going to New Zealand and Australia, but it really hit me while I was flying to Singapore. I got so excited to travel and explore.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay
A forest to remember | Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Peace and quiet | Sydney Harbour, Australia

However, knowing me and my ambitious nature, I would not stop there. Visiting 6 continents was going to be great. But what about 7?? Checking off my 7th continent would be even more amazing and an adventure of a lifetime for sure!

So while I was in the middle of my backpacking adventure, I started to fantasize about going to Antarctica. I read so many articles, looked up various expedition companies, and reached out to other travelers who had already explored the Great White Continent for their advice.

It was decided. For my 23rd birthday, I would gift myself with an expedition to Antarctica. (I know I'm crazy...)

Does anyone else do this?? Start planning their next adventure while currently traveling??

Anyways, the more I looked into Antarctica, the more excited I got!! It was going to be an expensive journey, there was no doubt about that, but so worth it! I still can’t imagine what this experience will be like, and I am 1.5 months away from setting sail across the Drake Passage!

After doing my own research and convincing myself (it wasn’t that hard), I reached out to my travel partner and offered if he’d like to join me on this epic adventure. I would have gone by myself, and I still would. But, I thought it would be amazing to explore that part of the world with him. Plus, we travel really well together.

So over the next few months, we talked about it. We wanted to do an expedition that allowed us to get off the ship and actually explore the continent. We also wanted an expedition that gave us the most time on the continent, and as very physically active people, we wanted an adventure package too!

You can imagine how all of that added up and we yet still wanted to go! Yes, we are very crazy. I don’t think we would be as adventurous if we weren’t just a little bit crazy.

Swoop Adventures Antarctica Email
Antarctica here I come!!

In March 2019, after long conversations and many emails back and forth with our expedition company, Swoop Adventures, we finally submitted our down payment! We will be exploring the Antarctic Peninsula through their Antarctic Basecamp Adventure. So exciting!

It's official. I am going to Antarctica!! Woohoo!

I can’t wait to share with you all my adventures, travel tips, packing tips, and how you can visit The Great White Continent too!

And since we need to head down to Ushuaia, Argentina to catch our expedition ship, we’ll also be exploring South America too on our way down and back up from Antarctica. 5 weeks in South America and Antarctica! I cannot wait!!

Adventure awaits | Swoop Antarctica

I want to hear from you!! Do you have specific questions about this upcoming adventure?? Please comment below! All of my upcoming blog posts will be focused around this trip and I want your help to create content that will help you!

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More Antarctica and South America content coming to you over the next couple of months. Keep an eye out on my Antarctica and South America pages for more adventures and travel tips!!

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